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Energy Management

Make your building energy efficient.

occupancy analytics software

Achieving energy efficiency is crucial for modern buildings, and so is the need to manage their energy consumption.

A cutting-edge solution for energy monitoring that revolutionizes the way buildings optimize their energy consumption. With real-time data analytics, comprehensive reporting, and smart alarms, Sensgreen empowers building owners, facility managers, and sustainability professionals to take control of their energy usage.

By providing actionable insights and enabling data-driven decision-making through AI models, Sensgreen transforms buildings into energy-efficient, sustainable environments, resulting in reduced costs, enhanced operational efficiency, and a positive impact on the environment. 

Who is it for?

  • Facility Managers
  • Energy Managers and Sustainability Professionals
  • Energy Service Companies (ESCOs)

Why it matters?

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Cost Savings
  • Sustainability and Environmental Impact

Enhance energy management of your building

Optimize your building’s load management

Understand demand and manage peak loads

Sensgreen makes transforming buildings easier than ever before


2D/ 3D Floor Plan

Explore energy consumption data in a more engaging way. Interact with the floor plan, zoom in/out, and select specific areas or equipment to view detailed energy information.

Alarms and Notifications

Set thresholds for energy consumption or performance metrics and receive real-time alerts when deviations occur. Enable proactive management, prompt issue resolution, and effective energy optimization.

Carbon Footprint and Energy Consumption Reports

Track AI automated reports on energy consumption, performance metrics, and sustainability indicators.

Power Quality Analytics

Monitor advanced power quality analyses such as harmonic distortion, voltage fluctuations, phase imbalances, and power factor analyses.

Multi-Point Submetering

Monitor individual floors, specific zones, or even individual devices or equipment, tag them on the platform. Understand granular data on energy usage, enable precise monitoring and analysis.

Sustainability Benchmarking

Benchmark your building's energy consumption and carbon footprint against industry standards or similar buildings.
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