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Are you not happy with your building management system? 

No problem, IoT powered automation can recover your building.

Building Management Systems (BMS) have played an important role in automating building equipment for more than 40 years. However, the landscape has changed significantly, resulting in more innovative solutions that profit from the power of IoT technology. The rise of IoT has resulted in modular, smart, cost-effective, connected systems that harness vast amounts of data collected within buildings. The development established a new era of wireless, IoT-powered automation.

Cost Effective, Fast & Scalable Retrofitting Opportunity For Commercial Buildings

IoT Powered Automation provides a more flexible, cost-effective, and scalable solution than traditional wired BMS. IoT  Powered Automation communicates data between devices and a central server or computer using wireless technologies such as Zigbee, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and LoRaWAN. This method eliminates the need for extensive cabling, which reduces installation and maintenance costs. 

Increased scalability of IoT Powered Automation enables building owners to flexibly adjust their systems as operational needs change, including the addition of new sensors or controllers. This scalability enables organic growth of automation infrastructure while optimizing investments and accommodating changing requirements. As commercial spaces evolve, IoT-powered automation ensures a seamless and future-proof building management system that easily adapts to the ever-changing demands of modern businesses.

BMS Cannot Bring Intelligence, Although IoT and AI Can

Cloud connectivity coupled with AI algorithms has revolutionized the smart control of HVAC systems through IoT-powered automation. Unlike traditional building management systems (BMS) that lack the ability to analyze real-time data comprehensively, IoT-powered automation harnesses the power of cloud-based computing and AI to process vast amounts of data from connected controllers. This enables the generation of intelligent insights and predictive actions, propelling HVAC control beyond basic rule-based approaches.

IoT-powered automation determines data patterns, occupancy trends, weather forecasts, and other contextual factors to generate informed and proactive HVAC control decisions using cloud-based AI algorithms. This advanced level of analysis results in reduced operational costs, improved occupant comfort, and optimized energy usage. This is in contrast to traditional BMS, which frequently relies on predetermined rules that are incapable of adapting to dynamic conditions.

Smart control enabled by IoT-powered automation ensures precise HVAC parameter adjustment based on real-time data. During low occupancy periods, for example, the system can automatically adjust temperature and ventilation levels to save energy while maintaining comfort. Traditional systems, on the other hand, may continue to operate on a fixed schedule, resulting in unnecessary energy expenditure. 

Unlock Countless Control Applications on the Sensgreen Smart Building Platform

Split AC Control Automation

​​Sensibo Sky is a smart device that enhances the functionality of existing air conditioning (AC) systems by adding IoT capabilities. It is designed to work with various types of AC units, such as split units, window units, and portable units. Sensibo Sky connects to your AC unit and allows you to control and monitor it remotely. 

Facility managers can orchestrate intelligent control scenarios by integrating Sensibo Sky devices into the platform and syncing data from various sensors such as occupancy, air quality, and temperature. This integration enables them to create custom control flows that dynamically adjust the operation of Split AC units based on real-time conditions, ensuring optimal comfort and energy efficiency. 

Radiator Control Automation

MClimate Vicki Radiator Thermostat is a smart device designed to control and manage individual radiators’ temperature in a more energy-efficient and convenient way. It allows users to remotely control the temperature of each radiator by using LoRaWAN communication. 

The Sensgreen Smart Building Platform simplifies the control of multiple radiators located within a building through its intuitive and centralized interface. By integrating the MClimate Vicki Radiator Thermostats into the platform, facility managers gain the advantage of managing all radiators from a single dashboard. This eliminates the need to individually adjust each radiator, saving time and effort. Through the platform, facility managers can create and apply consistent temperature settings across different zones or rooms, ensuring uniform comfort throughout the building. Furthermore, they can create intelligent scenarios that take into account occupancy, window status, and time of day.

Light Control Automation

The Milesight WS558 LoRaWAN® Smart Light Controller seamlessly integrates into the Sensgreen Smart Building Platform, opening up a range of valuable use cases. Building occupants and facility managers can harness its capabilities to create intelligent lighting scenarios tailored to specific needs. For instance, in an office environment, the WS558 can be programmed to adjust lighting levels based on occupancy patterns, ensuring energy is conserved during periods of inactivity. In a retail setting like a shopping mall, the controller can enable dynamic lighting schemes that enhance customer experiences and optimize energy consumption. Hospitals and schools can benefit from scheduled lighting adjustments that align with operational hours, minimizing unnecessary energy usage. By incorporating the WS558 within the Sensgreen platform, users gain centralized control over lighting, enabling them to enhance energy efficiency, reduce costs, and provide more comfortable and productive spaces.


For over four decades, Building Management Systems (BMS) have been pivotal in automating building equipment. Yet, the scene has dramatically transformed, ushering in innovative solutions that leverage the prowess of IoT technology. With the IoT’s ascendancy, buildings are now home to interconnected, intelligent, and budget-friendly systems, capitalizing on the wealth of data amassed within. This marks the dawn of an exciting era powered by wireless, IoT-driven automation. Discover how to enhance comfort, save energy, and elevate control. Explore Sensgreen’s Smart Building Platform and embark on a smarter, greener future.

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